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What’s in the Name

We are called Stick & Ribbon as these are the tools of our trade!

Our styling philosophy is based on knowing our body proportions rather than our body shape – as we believe this helps you shop much better than knowing if you are an apple or a pear!

As part of a consultation, we include body proportion analysis.

We will be looking at three elements:

- Whether you have long or short legs (in relation to the top half of your body)
- Whether you have wide or narrow shoulders (in relation to your hips)
- Whether you have a long or a short waist

To do this we use A STICK & A RIBBON!

Once you know your body proportions, we can give you some clear guidelines as to where your hemlines should sit, sleeve lengths, style of jackets etc – all with the aim of re-balancing your body (and often making you look slimmer and taller!)

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